Pools and Spas

Has your pool gone 'green', has the pump died, is the filter leaking water or the salt cell turned 'white'!   Whatever the problem we can fix it, give us a call and we’ll be there. Pump, filter or chlorinator, we can replace them or repair them (most times), or carry out regular servicing to avoid these untimely problems.

Prerequisites for a Healthy Pool

  • 1.


  • 2.


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  • 4.

    Chemical Balance

  • 1. Circulation

    Your pool or spa water needs to circulate once every four to six hours, depending on bather load, and to achieve this, your pool pump needs to be in top condition. Working for up to twelve hours a day and dealing with chlorine, salt water and chemicals, your pool pump simply wont last as long as your house pump.

  • 2. Filtration

    Your pool or spa water needs to be filtered, using either sand or cartridge. Backwashing the sand or cleaning of the cartridge only remove approximately 80% of trapped matter, the remainder builds up over a period of time, and, as you can imagine, will slowly reduce your filters efficiency.

  • 3. Sanitation

    Your pool or spa needs to be sanitized daily, (residual chlorination), either by the application of granular chlorine by hand, an inline tablet dispenser, or a salt chlorinator. Getting rid of unwanted bather wastes (oxidizing) is carried out weekly by the application of oxidizing granules.

  • 4. Chemical Balancing

    Pool and spa water `balance’ is extremely important for bather comfort and safety. If water balance is allowed to deteriorate through neglect, storms, bather load or Rover jumping in too, chlorination ceases to function, allowing bacteria to run out of control, algae to form and turn the pool green, the filter to work overtime trying to cope with unwanted foreign matter, and basically turning the family pool into a nightmare.

Alexandra Pools and Spas have state of the art computerised water testing equipment. Bring a sample of your pool water in for a test and receive a customised print out showing the results of your pool water balance, along with what products you will require and instructions on how to use them.

If your pool or spa has gone beyond your level of expertise, or maybe you’re just too busy (watching the footy or the cricket) and you would like us to come out and resurrect it, we would be happy to do that. Or if you just want some friendly advice on how to operate your filter system or keep your pool in balance, we are happy to do that to.